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We're a friendly bunch here at Salsa Crazy, so here we are spreading the word and giving a nod to all those other Salsa Crazy people out there who are joining in the fun.

So, if you have a site that you'd like us to link to then just get in contact with us and you too could be appearing here, just like these lucky people...

Salsology. Manchester’s premier salsa event, attracts salsa dancers and salsa music lovers from across the UK. The event has a touch of class – a superb venue, reminiscent of dancehall days, quality salsa lessons with themed classes at each event, and dancefloor-friendly DJing with a slant on big band Nu-Yorican and Puerto-Rican salsa. Salsology caters for everyone from the complete beginner to the seasoned salsa professional and offers a buzzing, stylish and above-all friendly environment to enjoy uninterrupted salsa dancing! Hosted by the Salsologists, Kate, Emma and Mushi, the events take place every other month at the Longfield Suite in Prestwich, Manchester.

This site is dedicated to the club partner-dance craze sweeping the UK. Namely, Salsa on the Latin side, and Modern Jive based dances such as LeRoc, CeRoc, LeJive.

Bespoke Dance Shoes

Bespoke Dance Shoes (UK)
Bespoke Dance Shoes (UK) is a British company that distributes finest quality 'Made-to-Measure' dance shoes. Our European supplier is a family firm, who, for many years, have been hand-making dance shoes for supply to the German market - one which demands high quality and competitive pricing. These shoes are now available in the UK via: 'Bespoke Dance Shoes (UK)'.
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